Dancewear Center FAQs

​My daughter/son just got into dance" she is taking lessons at __________ we need tights, shoes, leotards. Do you carry these?
​Absolutely! We can help fit your child into dance shoes, a leotard and tights, per the studio's needs.

My daughter is graduating into pointe next year.. do you fit pointe shoe​​s?
We have been fitting pointe shoes for 30 years and we carry several different name brands of pointe shoes. Some of the major brands we carry are Capezio and Bloch.

Do you carry cheer apparel?
Indeed! Briefs, boy shorts, body wrappers midriffs and turtleneck body suits.

Do you carry gymnastics leotards?
​We have a large selection of gymnastic leotards and shorts

Do you carry children's ballet slippers and children's tap shoes?
​Yes! We carry Bloch ballet slippers and Capezio tap shoes as well as a wide range of sizes and styles.

What styles of Jazz shoes do you carry?
We have slip-on jazz shoes by Dance Class, Bloch and Capezio.

Do you carry adult ballet slippers and what kind do you carry?
​Yes we do! We carry leather full sole and canvas spit sole. We have a variety of sizes and styles from Bloch, Sansha and Capezio.

Do you carry adult leotards?

We have a large variety of leotard styles, sizes and colors. We carry name brands such as Capezio, Bloch, Bodywrappers and Eurotard.